Thousands Flock To Inaugural Collector Show This Past Weekend


Lexington was the home for the inaugural Kentucky Card Collector Con this past weekend. With the rise in interest in sport cards as well as Pokémon show promotor Jarrod Greer felt that the time was right for a show of this size.

He tells WBONTV that the show hosted 133 dealers with dealers from as far away as Maine and many from surrounding states. Saturday saw over 1400 customers come through to browse the items for sale. Sunday didn’t see as many customers but an additional 800-900 was expected to come through bringing the attendance for the event near 2500. Greer was pleased with how the event turned out and hopes to make it an annual event like the Comic Con that he also promotes in Lexington. That event sees over 20,000 fans and is expected to see nearly 30,000 this year after the event was cancelled last year due to Covid.

The Collector Card Con also had 9 autograph guests like the Comic Con does. Former NY Mets great Darryl Strawberry was there for Saturday only and had a long line of fans waiting to meet him. Former Cincinnati Bengals great Icky Woods was also in attendance doing the “Icky Shuffle” with his fans. Perhaps the longest line belonged to current All Elite Wrestler Darby Allen. His line stayed consistent all day Saturday. The guest most looed forward to be many we spoke to was WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Roberts had a long and successful career but he may be best known for his problems out of the ring. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Roberts and will be posting his story.

Some of the items for sale at the show ranged from current fan favorites such as Joey Votto and Mike Trout to all time greats Mickey Mantle and Nolan Ryan. While the sport cards took prominence many were there for the Pokémon and comic books. There were many dealers who specialize in those cards and were happy to be in Lexington. While Dad was busying look at sport cards the kids were looking for Pikachu.

Many local dealer sat up such as the local baseball card shops located in Lexington. Baseball card warehouse and Jimmy’s Kentucky Roadshow Shop saw it has not only a great way to sell but also meet potential new customers. Bryan Armes from Elizabetown was another dealer who had a good show. He was the only dealer who had supplies for cards and those have gone crazy over the past couple of years. During the Covid crises production was halted on supplies such as the plastic sleeves and hard sleeves that you put the cards in. Many places are still having difficulty in getting these items in stock.

Among some of the most interesting items for sale were autographs of former Presidents Grover Cleveland and U.S. Grant. There were relics from the Civil War and autographs of stars such as John Wayne and Lucille Ball. As you can see there were definitely something for everyone.