Following Hardships, Estill Board of Education Announces Purchase of all School Supplies for Students


In a post made to social media from the Estill County Board of Education, before the next school year commences the organization says they will do everything they can to help students and parents alike as the County has had a rough past year.

The post says that due to the financial hardships that Estill County families have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic and the “one-hundred-year flood” this past spring, the Estill County Board of Education will be purchasing all school supplies needed by students this coming school year.

These supplies will be made available to the students on August 5th, during the first day of school.

They continue saying that “in the past, most student and families have always wanted to purchase their own backpacks based on current fads and student wishes, so we do not plan on purchasing backpacks for all students. If any family needs assistance with a backpack, you can contact the family resource center or youth service center director at your child’s school.”

The board adds that all students at South Irvine will receive a backpack as part of a partnership with the Community Action Council. The post ends by saying that each individual school will keep parents updated via social media, and that all school administrators and staff look forward to seeing parents and students at the open house.