Richmond man arrested following alleged assault


A Richmond man was recently taken into custody by the Richmond Police Department following a domestic violence call.

After police made contact with the victim at the Brandy Lane residence, she stated that her husband, Daniel Hale, had come home from work and started yelling at her and then stated, “get to the kitchen to cook something to eat”. The citation continues that the victim told police they argued during his psychotic episode and allegedly hit her in the head. When the officer further investigated, he reported that there was in fact a red knot on the top of the victim’s head. 

At first Hale allegedly denied that he hit the victim and that she “probably hit herself to get him in trouble”. When the officer told Hale that his wife had a knot, he then admitted that he did hit her and exclaimed “who wouldn’t”.

Hale is currently being lodged in the Madison County Detention center and is being charged with Assault (4th Degree)  Domestic Violence.