Stanton Park Enforces New Rules Follow Expletive-Laden Fight During Little League Game


Following a fight between adults seen in an expletive laden video that made its way around social media, there have been new rules issued for all leagues hosted by the Stanton City Park as posted on Facebook:

“* There is a zero-tolerance policy on verbally assaulting the umpire/referee, scorekeeper, or any other game official. This applies to coaches, players, and spectators. Umpires should eject the offending party immediately if this rule is violated. An individual who is ejected will not be allowed to return as a coach, player, or spectator to that league for the remainder of the season.

For the Stanton Parks & Rec Baseball 2022 season, we are going to take the following actions:

* Remove scorekeeping and scoreboard access from the T-Ball league.

* The T-Ball league will no longer have a tournament.

* All T-Ball teams will be required to place the players at their assigned positions. We will no longer allow “player grouping” during games.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we process through all the reports and videos we received of the incident. Our goal is to facilitate a safe and fun environment for everyone who attends or participates in leagues hosted by the Stanton City Park.”

Meanwhile, the City of Stanton Police Department issued a statement saying they were aware of the situation, and asked that if anyone has information that would aid in the investigation, they should call Powell County Dispatch Center at 606-663-4116.

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