Parks and Recreation coming to you with new initiative

  • The Richmond Parks & Recreation Department is bringing a new initiative to the city, called Park and Play. As part of a drive to bring more recreation and wellness access to underserved communities, the department will be visiting various locations across Richmond over the next few weeks with a van containing multiple types of fun and engaging activities.
  • This idea is building off of the growing nationwide movement of mobile recreation units, a chance for communities who have current difficulty accessing traditional recreation opportunities to become more engaged. This program will be targeted for children between the ages of 3-12 years old, but families are welcome to attend.
  • It will be every Thursday at rotating parks or other important community locations. The dates, times, and locations for June and July are as follows:
  • • Thursday, June 10th 9-11AM at Irvine-McDowell Park
  • • Thursday, June 17th 9-11AM at Lake Reba Park
  • • Thursday, June 24th 9-11AM at Betty Miller Teen Center
  • • Thursday, July 8th 9-11AM at Million Park
  • • Thursday, July 15th 1-3PM at Smith Village Community Center
  • • Thursday, July 22nd 9-11AM at Camp Catalpa Park
  • • Thursday, July 29th 1-3PM at Robinson Terrace
  • The Playground Park and Play will consist of activities such as board games, sports, and craft activities. Park & Play will promote active living and healthy eating by providing play equipment and healthy snacks at each stop. By developing this program, the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department is taking yet another step towards becoming more in line with their overarching principle of inclusivity. One of the biggest issues facing underserved and lower-socioeconomic communities is inadequate access to recreational or wellness opportunities. So, by investing in developing a mobile recreation unit the department is going to these communities to serve them, rather than hoping they come on their own. The intention is to grow this program further to establish more locations across Richmond, targeting various groups and communities.
  • “Richmond has been growing tremendously over the past several years,” Erin Moore, Parks Administration Director, said in regards to Park and Play, “and with that growth comes a growing need to meet the needs of all of our communities. So, whether with our new inclusive playground, the upcoming outdoor fitness court, or this brand new Park and Play program, we have a responsibility to identify what our citizens are needing and take proactive approaches to meeting that need. I believe that the City of Richmond can be a leader in this state for creating an inclusive and welcoming parks system for all citizens, and the new Park and Play initiative is just another step in a long list of ongoing and upcoming projects showcasing our continued leadership in this area.”
  • Park and Play is completely free and there is no cost to attend or participate. Park and Play is developed to be as inclusive towards differently abled individuals as possible so as to foster interactions between all groups of people. If anyone has anyone questions regarding Park and Play please contact Richmond Parks and Recreation at 859-623-8753 or