Madison County Schools to Determine to Offer Supplemental Year for Current Students


Following the signing of Senate Bill 128 into law, Kentucky’s school districts have been allowed the opportunity to offer a supplemental school year. The purpose of the supplemental school year would be to provide students currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade to repeat, retake, or supplement courses or grade levels completed within the previous school year.

The Madison County Board of Education is in the process of determining whether or not the supplemental year is necessary for the district, and are seeking input from parents on the matter. MCS currently has an online application request for the supplemental year located on their website to help officials reach a decision. The application asks basic information such as the name of student and their current school, in addition to questions including “What influenced your decisions to apply for a supplemental school year?” and “What do you hope to accomplish by repeating the school year?”.

MCS says that families have until May 1, 2021 to submit their applications to the Madison County Board of Education. The Board of Education will review the applications and make a determination to grant the supplemental school year by June 1, 2021.