SoS Adams: fourth month in a row of successful voter roll cleanup


Secretary of State Michael Adams announced Friday that, for the fourth consecutive month, more voters were removed from Kentucky’s rolls than added. In March, 4,596 new voters registered, and 6,611 voters were removed – 4,622 deceased voters, 1,447 voters who voluntarily de-registered, and 542 felony convicts.

There are 2,015 fewer voters on the rolls as of March 31 than on February 28, a 0.06 percent decrease.

Accurate voter rolls contribute to secure elections, and in turn, to public confidence in our system,” said Adams.

Democratic registrants represent 46 percent of the electorate with 1,655,463 registered voters. Democratic registration dropped by 3,006 since February 28, a 0.18 percent decrease. Republican registrants total 1,573,213, or 44 percent of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 356 registered voters, a rise of 0.02 percent from February 28. In addition, 9 percent of voters are listed under other affiliations, which saw an increase of 635 registrants to 331,502, a 0.19 percent climb.