Census Bureau Releases Interactive Map to Detail Vaccine Hesitancy, Vaccination Rates


The U.S. Census Bureau has released an interactive map that shows rate of vaccinations, as well as data on groups that are hesitant to get the stick.

With the latest data, it shows that 47% of adults aged 18 or older have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, with 96.8% of those saying they are willing to get the second shot. Also included in the breakdowns were variables such as education level, origin and race, insurance availability, and if the individual had previously contracted COVID.

For those vaccinated, the largest groups of those inoculated had a Bachelor’s Degree or above, were female, over the age of 65, designated as Asian alone: not Hispanic, covered by health insurance, and not previously diagnosed with COVID.

In the map detailing the data for those that are hesitant to be vaccinated, which made up 15.6% of the population, the main concern was in regards to side effects. Other concerns cited by these individuals included waiting to see if the vaccine is safe, cost factors, and not trusting the government or the vaccines themselves. The groups that weighed most heavily in this direction, according to the graphic were in the majority of the 25-39 age group, evenly male and female, of multi-race origin, had less than a high school education, were not covered by any type of health insurance, and had previously been diagnosed with COVID.

You can access the interactive maps to get all the details here.