Body Found in Bourbon County Farm Fire Identified by Coroner


After two weeks of investigation, officials have identified the body which was recovered from a burning vehicle found on a Bourbon County farm.

According to officials, a call informing authorities about a barn fire on Hutchinson Road near the Fayette County line came in the early morning hours of February 9th. When emergency officials arrived to extinguish the barn, they located a vehicle parked nearby that was also engulfed in flames. After crews put the fire out, they discovered a body which had been inside the burning car.

The body was transported to Frankfort to undergo an autopsy, where it was later identified as Lazarus Parker. The coroner reported that Parker had been shot and placed in the trunk of the car before it was set on fire.

Police say they have not found a connection between the property owner and the burning vehicle, and the case is now being handled by the Dry Ridge Post of KSP.