Downed Power Lines in Madison County Preventing Crews from Treating Roads


The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) advises the public of power line issues in Madison County. There are low and downed lines on Scaffold Cane Road/KY 1617. Motorists are encouraged to utilize the alternate route provided below in this advisory.

Extreme caution should be exercised if travel through the roadway is a necessity. Warning signage is in place with regard to using “extra caution”.

District 7 crews with snow plow/salt trucks are unable to pass through the area due to the situation. The local utility company will be addressing the power lines as soon as they are able, and crews will clear the route of snow and ice once the repairs are completed.

Scaffold Cane Road/KY 1617 is currently closed and will remain so until further notice. The low and downed power lines are between milepoints 0.000 and 1.300.

An alternate route of Scaffold Cane Road/KY 595 to Mt. Vernon Road/US 25 to Scaffold Cane Road/KY 1617 has been suggested by the KYTC.