Laurel County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Counterfeit Currency


Just days after a counterfeit scam attempt at the Richmond Peddler’s Mall was reported, a similar crime has been reported by the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff John Root, a fake $100 dollar bill was attempted to be exchanged during a transaction at a Laurel County business earlier this week. Authorities say that the bill contained pink Chinese lettering and the material the bill was printed on was not currency paper.

Police say the bill also contained the same serial number as similar movie prop bills that have been reported in the area recently. Another indicator that a bill could be counterfeit is its size. Many counterfeit bills are smaller than their authentic counterparts, as was the case with the fake currency recovered at the Richmond Peddler’s Mall last week.

If your business receives one of these counterfeit bills, or if you find any fake or prop currency, please contact your local law enforcement agency.