Representative Goforth’s Impeachment Petition Dismissed


As of Thursday, a bipartisan house committee has dismissed a petition seeking the impeachment of Kentucky representative Robert Goforth, who was indicted last year for allegedly trying to strangle his wife. Goforth has entered a not guilty plea in the case.

The petition pointed to the incident, which occurred at the Goforth’s home in April of 2020. However, the dismissal vote came about after two law professors testified that the impeachment process doesn’t apply to legislators under Kentucky’s constitution.

Experts say that although the accusations are serious, impeachment can only be implemented against civil officers or the Governor. State representatives and members of the general assembly cannot be impeached, however they could face expulsion.

There still remain two statewide impeachment petitions: one against governor Andy Beshear and another seeking to oust Attorney General Daniel Cameron. A second impeachment petition was filed against Beshear this week, but was dismissed.