CDC Extends Eviction Relief Order through March


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium has been extended through March 31, 2021, to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The new CDC Order temporarily halts residential evictions of covered persons for nonpayment of rent during September 4, 2020, through March 31, 2021. This means that a landlord, owner of a residential property, or other person with a legal right to pursue an eviction or a possessory action cannot evict for nonpayment of rent any covered person from any residential property in any U.S. state or U.S. territory where the Order applies.

The CDC order does not relieve the tenants’ obligation to pay rent, and tenants must comply with terms under their lease. The Order halts residential evictions only temporarily. Covered persons still must use best efforts to make timely partial payments that are as close to the full payment as their individual circumstances permit, considering other non-discretionary expenses.