Estill Countian Pioneers COVID-Disabling Robot


A native Estill Countian is now making waves across the nation as he has pioneered a robot that uses ultraviolet light to break apart the COVID virus on a molecular level.

Doug Thorpe is currently working in as Senior Director of Development at Energy Focus in Ohio one week out of every month when he isn’t in Mount Sterling with his family. Thorpe says he works to create new inventions such as this new robot, and there is more to come in the future.

The Kentuckian was previously a professor at Morehead and worked at the Kennedy Space Center after graduating from EKU with his Bachelors. Thorpe then went on to get his Master’s in Engineering Management.

The robot cannot climb steps, so at this point, the units are used primarily for commercial businesses such as restaurants and offices.

Thorpe spoke to WBONtv’s Marisa Hempel via zoom from Ohio to explain how this project began and how the robot works. Watch the video here to see the robot in action.