Madison County citizens seek to impeach Representative Goforth


Multiple citizens have filed an impeachment petition against Republican state Representative Robert Goforth; who represents Laurel County, and parts of Jackson and Madison Counties. Goforth was indicted for assault charges after he allegedly tried to “hogtie” and strangle his wife with an ethernet cord in 2020.

The petition was filed by eight of Goforth’s constituents in Madison County, following his reelection last November despite the charges already coming before a judge. The petition states that Goforth be impeached for “breach of public trust, felonious acts of violence upon women, abuse of office and state property, and other misfeasance and malfeasance.”

The petition continues, saying, “It is wrong for this representative to sit in the Chamber and be paid for his services with our hard-earned tax dollars.”

A Laurel County grand jury indicted Goforth last fall on strangulation, assault, and terroristic threatening charges after he allegedly assaulted his wife in front of their three young children in their home in April of 2020.

There was no existing strangulation crime that was a felony until 2019, in which Goforth voted in favor of the legislation change.


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