Ravenna City Council Calls Special Meeting Following Councilmember Objections


On January 2nd, the majority of the 2021 Ravenna City Council called a special meeting. At the start of the meeting, council member Amy Crowe reportedly objected, citing that it was an illegal meeting. Crowe stated the new counsel could not call a special meeting, due to the fact that they had not been in office long enough.

However, statute KRS 61.823 (2) concerning special meetings states “the presiding officer or a majority of the members of the public agency may call a special meeting”. Crowe later allegedly claimed the meeting was illegal due to the fact she was not legally notified. She stated she was told in person only by Mayor Estine Tipton and Councilmember Valerie Flinchum.

Statute KRS 61.823 (4a) states “as soon as possible, written notice shall be delivered personally, transmitted by facsimile machine, or mailed to every member of public agency as well as each media organization which filed a written request, including a mailing address to receive notice of special meeting. The notice shall be given at least 24 hours before the special meeting.”

News media outlets do not currently have anything on file at Ravenna City Hall, however Crowe apparently did not have proper notification. Council members did not proceed further as another special meeting has been called for January 4, 2021 by Mayor Estine Tipton.