Madison County Detention Center on Lockdown Following 55 New COVID Cases


WBONtv received reports of an influx of new COVID cases within the confines of the Madison County Detention Center, totaling 55 new cases, one of which is a staff member of the jail. Speaking to Deputy Judge/Executive Colleen Chaney on behalf of the jail, WBONTV was told that the jail is taking every precaution to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Chaney reports that most of the cases from the inmates, (with a total inmate population around 380 detention-center wide) are asymptomatic. She adds that this makes it hard to trace where the virus originated from, as many inmates are arrested in Madison County from surrounding areas, with around ten new inmates coming in per day before the lockdown.

However, the jail is diligently working with the Department of Corrections and the Health Department to ensure that all those incarcerated who are not infected will stay safe. These steps include only allowing staff and medical personnel to enter the jail. There have also been no visitors allowed for the past six months, according to officials.

“I couldn’t be prouder of my team. This pandemic is a challenge in a normal environment but exponentially difficult in a detention center.” said Steve Tussey, Madison County Jailer.

Most notably, all new inmates that are taken into custody from here on out will be reallocated to other facilities, transported by law enforcement until next week, in which Detention Center staff with then take over for transports. Chaney said that Madison County is working with the detention centers in Clay County, Rockcastle, and Laurel Counties among others to reroute all new arrests so as to stop the spread of possible new infections.

Staff are also fully equipped with PPE and temperature checks are in effect for the bare minimum staff that enter the facility. Chaney elaborated that no inmates have had to be hospitalized, as most are asymptomatic, however those that are positively tested have been quarantined so as to not infect those in general population and there would be no cross contamination.

Cleaning has also been implemented diligently, according to officials, and the Department of Corrections has said that they are pleased with the response to the influx in cases. The jail has also worked closely with all law enforcement in the County, as well as the courts to ensure that all will remain safe from the virus.

WBONtv will update this story and follow if there are any new cases of inmates in the jail.


  1. But what is being done for the inmates. Nothing from what I’m being told. My son is in there with 18 people in one cell. No masks, no temps being taking he has tested positive. I know they are overwhelmed but could they have not been better prepared for this. They had to know it was going to happen.

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