KSP Post 7 Officer Receives Touching Gift for Child


One Madison County family received a touching Christmas gift over the weekend, following the “Gold for Gray” silent auction held by the Kentucky State Police Foundation.

In a social media post made by the nonprofit organization, they stated that one of their board members had won a battery-powered toy car modeled after a KSP Cruiser, and that they wanted to offer it to a current, sworn-in KSP officer. A drawing was then held by the KSP foundation, and all current officers were allowed to submit their name to win the toy cruiser.

According to the social media post, Richmond resident and KSP Detective Craig Miller won the drawing with the intent of giving it to fellow KSP Post 7 detective Josh Brashear. Brashear’s child was born premature one year ago, but is now keeping his neighborhood safe behind the wheel of his very own KSP cruiser.