Forbes Names Berea College in List of Top 20 Best Value Colleges


In their article which names 20 colleges that give you the “Biggest Bang for Your Buck in 2021”, Forbes selected Berea College as one of the twenty universities on their list. The article lists Berea College under its “Free Tuition Colleges” along with College of the Ozarks in Missouri.

As Berea College is one of nine federally recognized Work Colleges, the university is able to operate without charging tuition fees. Every Berea student receives a Tuition Promise Scholarship, which means no student pays for tuition. To earn money for books, housing, and meals students work a minimum of 10 hours in a campus-operated shop.

According to Forbes, Berea College has a 38% acceptance rate and a 63% 6-year graduation rate. The college says it only admits students who exhibit both academic promise and limited financial resources, primarily from the Appalachian area.

Other categories featured included State and City universities of New York, Colleges of the South, and Other Best Colleges which include six universities spread throughout the West, Midwest, and Northeast regions of the United States.