Madison County Fiscal Court Awarded $547,442 Grant for Additional Election Machines


Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor announced Monday that Madison County is the recipient of a $547,442 grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL).  The grant is intended to be used for the purpose of assisting in improving the election process by making voting as assessable as possible for all citizens. 

Judge Executive Reagan Taylor and County Clerk Kenny Barger worked together and determined that the best use of this money, which was mandated to go toward election expenses, was to purchase additional ExpressVote machines for the County. The Madison County Clerk’s Office piloted the ExpressVote during the 2020 Election Cycle with great success.

The grant will fund 120 ExpressVote machines, 47 card printers, and 40 QuadExpress carts. ExpressVote machines have great benefit for both the County and voters.  Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Reducing the amount of paper ballots by 70%;
  • Reducing 100-man hours in moving ballots from locations before, during and after election day;
  • Reducing the number of precinct officers required on election day;
  • Reducing staff time in ballot design and maintenance; and
  • Proving easier access for the elderly and disabled citizens when using voting machines.

“Our County is truly blessed to have a statewide leader in elections with County Clerk Kenny Barger,” said Judge Executive Reagan Taylor. “Not only does he and his team work diligently to ensure the safest and most secure elections, but he also is committed to finding new ways to make elections more cost effective.”

“The ExpressVote machine experience for citizens and our poll workers was very positive after this last election,” said County Clerk Kenny Barger.  “By utilizing this machine, we will be able to greatly reduce cost by not having to purchase ballots. Due to the high turnout in this past 2020 election, the County budgeted $12,000 and ended up spending $37,184.16 on ballots alone due to the high turnout.”

With no elections slated for 2021, Clerk Barger will be bringing the machines to events and civic meetings across the County to enable citizens to become acquainted with the equipment.