Battle of Richmond Visitor’s Center, Military Missions Team Up to Send Christmas Cards to Troops


The month of November is often a busy one for the Battle of Richmond Visitor’s Center and its curator Phillip Seyfrit. Every year, the Richmond organization asks the community for Christmas cards for a patriotic purpose.

“A lot of people get to go home for Christmas”, Seyfrit says. “But, our military personnel – some of them do, but most of them don’t.”

It was this fact that inspired the Battle of Richmond Visitor’s Center to begin its Operation Stars and Stripes initiative back in 2013. The three week collection drive aims to receive as many Christmas cards from local residents as possible. These cards are then signed and sent to active service members as a way of saying thank you during the holiday season. However, getting the cards to military personnel is no small task and that’s where outside groups come in. This year, Lexington-based Military Missions is taking on the responsibility of making sure the Christmas cards find their home.

“We will take those cards and incorporate those into our Christmas packages for Operation S.E.N.D.”, Military Missions board member Mark Roland tells us. “We send packages primarily to troops who are deployed overseas… and not going to be home for Christmas.”

Not only will certain troops be receiving the cards, but a variety of other items to make service members feel more at home during their deployment.

Military Missions is no stranger to sending these types of care packages. According to Military Missions Board Member Mark Roland, the group has been doing this for 15 years, and currently sends around 8,000 packages to the men and women defending the country every year.

Even though the events of this year have hampered a lot of public outreach events, the Battle of Richmond Visitor’s Center says that is has held its own when it comes to the annual card drive. Seyfrit tells us that over 3,000 cards were collected over just a period of three weeks.

“I think it’s important to remember that we need to serve those who serve us”, says Roland. “[To] honor their sacrifice and their time away from home by giving them whatever taste of home we can.”