Richmond Man Arrested after Domestic Dispute


KSP report responding to Bogie Mill Road in reference to an alleged assault that occurred. Upon arrival, Troopers report speaking with 39-year-old Joshua Daugherty. Daugherty allegedly stated he and his wife had been in a verbal altercation over intimacy. Daugherty stated his wife began hitting him during the argument so he began trying to catch her punches, but he did not hit her back.

KSP then spoke with the wife, who reiterated that the fight began over intimacy issues. The wife stated she went downstairs to go to sleep when Daugherty allegedly came downstairs and flipped a mattress and began yelling. According to the citation, she mentioned further that she she went to talk with Daugherty again but Daugherty allegedly pushed her down on the mattress and continued holding her down. She stated she began flailing to get away from Daugherty and he allegedly punched her in the mouth to the point that she then began bleeding, and a necklace was ripped off her neck.

As the citation continued, the wife stated Daugherty then threw her to the ground where she then hit something and sustained cuts and bruises to her left hip. Daugherty’s daughter was then interviewed and stated when she heard Daugherty and the victim arguing and observed Daugherty punch her in the mouth. Daugherty sustained a bite mark to his right arm.

Daugherty was arrested and transported to Madison county detention center on a 4th Degree Assault Charge.