Richmond Man Arrested After Allegedly Brandishing Handgun at Family Members


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office recently responded to a call of domestic assault which occurred in the Eastwood Drive area. Prior to the officer’s arrival to the scene, they were informed that a male suspect was in possession of a firearm.

When police arrived, they located Thomas Buskirk being restrained by one of his family members. When questioned about her husband’s behavior, Buskirk’s wife reportedly told authorities that he became angry because he could not locate hot sauce in their household.

Buskirk allegedly began throwing various items out of the cabinets searching for hot sauce, which drew other members of the household to the kitchen to inspect the situation. One family member attempted to calm Buskirk, who then allegedly began striking the family member.

According to the arrest citation, Buskirk then retrieved a handgun and stated that, “somebody is gonna die tonight, and it ain’t gonna be me”. Buskirk’s family stated that he began eating while still holding the firearm.

Further reading of the citation states that Buskirk became belligerent again, grabbing a sword and placing it on the porch area of the home. Buskirk was restrained after he reportedly became physical with the victim again, and his firearm was taken from him and locked in a nearby vehicle.

Officers say that Buskirk had a strong odor of alcohol on his person. Buskirk was arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with 4th Degree Assault and 3rd Degree Terroristic Threatening.