Depot Official: Fence-Jumping Arrests a Miscommunication


Monday, many reached out to WBONtv with pictures of a flurry of Depot Police surrounding a van with multiple men seen being taken into custody at the Depot entrance off US 25. As the Bluegrass Army Depot is Federal property, the men were taken into custody after allegedly jumping a fence onto the army installation.

However, the information on their arrests have now been revealed to WBONtv. According to Depot Officials, the men were assumed migrant workers that did not speak English, and there was a miscommunication. The men were instructed to trim around a KU pole, and had contact with one of the guards.

Officials say the men did not understand the guard, and thought that in order to complete the job they had to jump the fence into the depot. As there is high security, they were instantly taken into custody. Officials say that there was no translator at the scene, so the men were taken to the Fayette County Detention Center.

After a few days in jail, the five men have been released and charged with Trespassing. They will have to pay a $5 to $10 fine.