Red Zone Counties Recommended to Operate on COVID-19 Reduction Plan Starting Next Week


Today, Gov. Andy Beshear urged every Kentuckian in 68 red zone counties to be more vigilant in the fight against COVID-19 and follow nine recommendations beginning next Monday and lasting through that Sunday to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as cases flare in the areas heavily impacted by the virus.

“This is a type of outbreak where we can’t deny our way out of it, we can’t rationalize our way out of it, we can’t try to find excuses for not following the guidance,” said Beshear.

The Governor’s cabinet is urging schools, businesses, and residents in red zone counties to follow certain recommendations for the upcoming week.

These recommendations include remotely working from home when possible, virtual operation of government offices that do not provide critical services, reduction of in-person shopping, avoidance of dining in restaurants and bars, postponement or cancellation of public events, and avoidance of gatherings of any size.

The Governor said that new guidance provided by the White House suggests “current transmissions are linked to home gatherings,” where Americans are not as likely to wear masks around people from outside of their household. With broad community spread and transmission in the state, the Governor said it is crucial that communities work together to follow these new recommendations on top of existing requirements.

Although Madison County is currently not considered a red zone, many of its neighboring counties are. Fayette, Jessamine, Garrard, Estill, Jackson, and Rockcastle are all listed as red zone counties as of Thursday, October 29th. Daily updated COVID-19 incidence rate maps can be found on the official Kentucky COVID-19 government webpage.