Domestic Dispute Ends in the Arrest of Richmond Man


This past Saturday, the Richmond Police Department report responding to the area of Cottonwood Drive in reference to a domestic dispute.

During the investigation, 51 year old Timothy Jones denied any physical altercation, while his daughter stated that her step mom, 49 year old Leslie Adams, struck Jones in the bedroom while Jones reportedly yelled for his daughter to get out. Officers allegedly made contact with Adams and found that she had visible injuries to her face. Police advised Jones his Miranda Rights and he stated that he and Adams pushed each other and she allegedly struck him in the face.

Police report responding to the area where Adams had driven to get away from the altercation. Adams allegedly reported that Jones pulled her by her hair and bit her lip and her right cheek. Adams reported that Jones also grabbed her by her throat with one of his hands and squeezed her throat while pressing her down into the bed by her throat for about two minutes and she could not breath and stated she thought Jones “would never stop”. Adams also reported Jones stating “you’re not leaving” and “I’m going to kill you.” Adams stated she tried pushing Jones off, but he kept pressing harder to make her stop resisting.

Adams stated Jones’ Daughter came in and Jones yelled at her to get out. Adams got up and above grabbed her by the hair and threw her down. Adams advised that Jones took her phone from her and stated she was not leaving before Jones fell down the stairs and Adams ran out to get in her car.

Adams stated that Jones Allegedly grabbed her by the hair outside the residence and slung her into the lawn mower causing her to hit the left side of her head. Adams stated she got into her car and drove to safety.

Pictures were taken of Adams’ injuries. Both parties were advised EPO rights. Police arrested Jones and transported him to Madison County Detention Center on charges of 4th Degree Assault and 1st Degree Strangulation.