Exclusive Interview: Senator McConnell Talks CARES Final Votes, Supreme Court Nomination, COVID and Election Day


WBONTV spoke to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Tuesday, in the midst of an extremely busy week on the Chamber floor in Washington. The chamber will first vote Tuesday on a stand-alone Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) bill that would extend the window for businesses to get government aid in order to survive the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday, the Senate will vote on a slimmed down, $500 billion coronavirus proposal. This proposal includes a federal unemployment benefit, PPP aid for small businesses, $100 billion for schools and funds for coronavirus testing, contract tracing, and vaccine research. 

McConnell also discussed the Senate’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Friday to the Supreme Court. McConnell said that she is expected to be confirmed as early as Monday, eight days before the election. allowing her to be confirmed to the Supreme Court as soon as early next week. McConnell also responded to those that had protested the confirmation of Barrett so close to the general election, and discussed how he and his wife participated in early voting amidst COVID.

Lastly, McConnell told Marisa Hempel about the response in Washington to the recent COVID confirmed cases of top leaders of the Country, and what can be expected with a possible vaccine.