Madison County Health Department Reminds Residents to Get A Flu Shot


The recent report of record numbers of COVID-19 case counts in the Commonwealth of Kentucky have caused local health departments to remind the public to continue following the combination of recommended protective measures.

Governor Andy Beshear announced that Kentucky is moving into the third escalation of COVID-19 cases and has asked Kentuckians to maintain an urgency in continuing to wear facial coverings and to maintain appropriate physical distance between themselves and others.  Beshear recommends limiting travel, especially to states that are hot spots with positivity rates above 15%, as an additional measure to limit transmission of the coronavirus.

Madison County’s two highest case count days were in August: 71 cases on August 27, and 60 cases on August 7. Although September’s case count numbers have been better overall than the previous month, officials note that Madison County experienced five deaths in September.

“Many people have heard the phrase COVID fatigue,” said Madison County Health Department Director Nancy Crewe.  “This may be what some are experiencing seven months into the pandemic. As with any effort over an extended period, we can become weary and even discouraged in doing what we know is helpful,” said Crewe. “But we cannot let up on measures that protect us, our families, and our community.”

Crewe reminded the public to remain diligent in doing the things that will lessen the spread of COVID-19. These measures include washing hands thoroughly and often, wearing facial coverings in public, keeping at least six feet of distance between one another, avoiding crowds, avoiding touching your face, and keeping high touch surfaces clean.

Another important reminder is to get a flu vaccination.  “Reducing the overall burden of respiratory illness is crucial to protect vulnerable people at risk for severe illness, the healthcare system, and other critical infrastructure,” she added.

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