Richmond Woman Charged with Assault Following Reported Attack with Hammer


After a fight in the Villa Drive area was reported over the weekend, Richmond Police Department officials were dispatched to investigate the complaint.

When authorities arrived to the scene, they observed the victim who had red marks on their face. The victim told police that Gabrielle Caldwell had struck their face with a hammer and slammed their fingers with a door. When asked why the conflict began, the victim alleged that they had suspected Caldwell of stealing their belongings earlier in the day. However, officials reported that no belongings were located at the apartment residence.

According to the arrest citation, Caldwell appeared highly intoxicated upon police questioning. Caldwell reportedly told police that she suspected the victim of stealing her belongings, but officers were again unable to locate the reported stolen items.

She added that she armed herself with the hammer because the victim had a firearm and pointed it at her during the confrontation. Multiple witnesses disputed this claim, and police say they found no evidence of a firearm at the scene.

Caldwell was arrested and charged with 2nd Degree Assault before being transported to the Madison County Detention Center. During the booking process, Caldwell told detention center staff that she had no illicit items on her person. However, a bag containing several pills were discovered on her person during a strip search. Officials additionally charged with Caldwell with 1st Degree Promoting Contraband.