AG’s Office Takes on Richmond City Commissioner’s Alleged Misconduct Investigation


The investigation involving alleged misconduct of Richmond Commissioner Jason Morgan and a former IT Director for the City has now been turned over to the office of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. According to Assistant Chief of the Richmond Police Department Rodney Richardson, all evidence was handed over to the AG’s office regarding the incident, where Commissioner Morgan allegedly asked former IT Director Tracy Bryant to look into another employee’s computer history.

The Richmond Police Department was initially heading the investigation, and then presented the case to County Attorney Jennie Haymond’s office. However, now the case will go statewide to the AG’s office. Richardson told WBONtv that they trust this investigation will continue as they have given all the facts and evidence to Cameron’s office, and will proceed from there. The investigation began in August, where the City Commission unanimously voted to look into the alleged misconduct.

Richardson said this is not unprecedented, as many cases involving all different kinds of criminal activity have been pushed up to the state level in the past.

As of now, Jason Morgan and Tracy Bryant could be facing felony or misdemeanor charges following the investigation, where Bryant was allegedly coerced to access another employee’s email information.

Bryant was let go from her position as IT Director with the city following a paid suspension. Catch the full interview with Assistant Chief Rodney Richardson here.