Two Men Arrested for Burglary Following Alleged Altercation


According to the Richmond Police Department, two men were taken into custody on charges of first degree burglary following an alleged altercation where a victim at a party had been assaulted.

The citation details that officers arrived at the residence to speak to the victims, who claimed that Justin Banks and Jeffrey Cope followed the victims and banged on the windows of their car. However, as the victims attempted to evade them, the citation states that the males continued to follow them, at which point a verbal altercation allegedly ensued.

One of the victims had multiple abrasions noted by police to his face and upper lip, and stated to officers that a physical altercation had taken place following this incident. The victim stated that Banks and Cope had fled the area. They were both located a short time later and taken to the police department for questioning. During this time, Banks allegedly admitted to police that he shoved the victim and had no permission to enter the residence.

Cope told officers, according to the citation, that he had been put in a headlock by one of the victims and was unable to move but that he was eventually let go and left the scene.

As both had no permission to enter and went into the home unlawfully, both were arrested and charged with 1st Degree Burglary.