Richmond Police: Man Steals Beef Jerky While Under the Influence


An officer from the Richmond Police Department was recently dispatched to the East Main Street Family Dollar location following a reported robbery involving an allegedly intoxicated male subject.

The store clerk told police that they observed Delver Isaacs stealing six beef jerky sticks, and attempted to stop him from leaving the store. Isaccs then reportedly grabbed the clerk and shoved them away before exiting the building.

Police later located Isaacs traveling from a nearby CVS Pharmacy towards Collins Street. When the officer approached Isaacs, they discovered one of the beef jerky sticks allegedly stolen earlier in his pocket. According to the arrest citation, Isaacs had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages on his person and was stumbling while walking.

Isaccs was arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center. While completing paperwork inside the jail, Isaccs reportedly became irate with Detention Center staff and began swearing at them. Police say Isaacs then lunged towards the arresting officer before having to be restrained by MCDC employees.

Police charged Isaacs with 2nd Degree Robbery, Public Intoxication, and Menacing.