Unconscious Richmond Man Arrested for Public Intoxication


On Sunday, the Richmond Police Department responded to a call in reference to a neighbor dispute on South 3rd Street. According to the citation when officers attempted to make contact with 31 year old Justin Curtis at his residence he was allegedly unconscious in a pickup truck in the front yard.

Police report having to shake Curtis to wake him up and noticed that he had a power cord wrapped around his right arm multiple times like a tourniquet, consistent with intravenous drug use according to the officers on scene. When Curtis woke up he reportedly had slurred speech, his pupils were pinpoint, and his eyes were unresponsive to light. Curtis allegedly stated he took “ice” two days prior and had not slept in two days. Reprotedly Curtis did not know the time, the date, the day of the week, or who the president is.

Curtis was determined by police to be heavily under the influence of a controlled substance and lodged at MCDC for his own safety.