Police Arrest Man for Public Intoxication Inside a Local Gas Station


On Monday, the Richmond Police report responding to a call at the Gulf station on Lexington Rd, in reference to a male that was according to police allegedly acting crazy.

When arriving on scene, according to police, an employee informed them that 35 year old Martin Carrol had been in the bathroom for a long period of time. The employee also informed officers that customers had been reporting Martins behavior to him. Martin was reportedly seen crying and dozing off by customers. Police report locating Martin in the “employee only” labeled closet, next to the men’s restroom.

When making contact with Martin, Police observed erratic bodily movements, a drowsy appearance and a struggle to follow commands. After speaking with Martin outside, Police state that he began to doze off and struggled to stay awake. Police also report going back inside of the employee closet and locating a syringe on the floor, loaded with a small amount of blood.

After informing Martin he was under arrest, Martin allegedly became irate and started to yell at officers. Police report Martin also yelling at the employee, saying he was a “rat” and a “snitch”. While transporting Martin to Madison County Detention Center on charges of Public Intoxciation, police mentioned Martin dozing off multiple times in the back of the cruiser.