Traffic Stop Turns into 3-Subject Drug Arrest


On Monday in the early hours of the day, on the Robert Martin Bypass, Richmond Police report observing a vehicle allegedly having expired tags and a right brake light out.

Upon stopping the vehicle officers report making contact with the driver, 33 year old Derrick Tate. According to officers Tate stated that he “didn’t know” the registration was expired or that his brake light was out. Police state that Tate could not procure his proof of insurance either. Officers then report asking Tate, the rear passenger, 57 year old Ronald Martin and the front passenger, 44 year old Jessica Davenport to exit the vehicle.

According to police Tate denied to consent to a search of the vehicle. Allegedly police spotted a large baggie with many substances inside through the window of the vehicle. Police report identifying the substances to be an allegedly large bag of suspected Heroin, several small baggies of Methamphetamine and a small baggie of suspected cocaine. These substances were located in the same proximity of all three subjects. Police also report locating another small paper folded up that was laying at the back of Tate’s vehicle containing suspected Heroin. 

Tate was read his Miranda rights where he agreed to talk, but advised the drugs were not his. Davenport agreed to talk, but denied the substances being hers. Martin advised that he did not want to talk. All individuals involved were transported to the Madison County Detention Center where they were lodged on charges of Suspected Meth, Cocaine and Heroin.  

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