Cumberland Valley Health Department Sees Spike of COVID-19 Cases Following Outbreak at Manchester Federal Correctional Center


The Cumberland Valley Health Department; which includes Rockcastle, Jackson, and Clay counties; revealed this afternoon that a total of 47 COVID-19 cases at a local prison have been identified.

42 inmates along with 5 staff members at the Manchester Federal Correctional Institution represent these reported cases and were first confirmed in the facility late last week. According to CVHD, the Manchester FCI is working closely with the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Clay County Health Department to ensure that care is taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.

In their afternoon update, Cumberland Valley Health Department reported a total of 47 new cases for Clay County consisting of the 42 MFCI inmates and five community members. The MFCI staff members were not represented in this total, as they do not live in Clay County and are instead counted in their county of residence. Three of these cases have been considered to be recovered.

There were no new cases reported in either Rockcastle or Jackson County.

For additional local information, call Clay County Health Department at 598-2425, Jackson County Health Department at 287-8421,or Rockcastle County Health Department at 256-2242.