Madison County Health Department Urges Increased Diligence in Protective Measures Against COVID-19


Yesterday Madison County recorded the highest numbers of positive cases of COVID-19 virus for a single day to date. There is no single specific factor identified in a significant number of cases.

Madison County Health Department urges increased personal vigilance in practicing the protective measures put in place early in the pandemic.

“Madison County, along with the rest of the Commonwealth, and the world, has responded with science-based public health strategies to something unique and still not completely understood. There are no vaccines and no cure yet for COVID-19,” said Madison County Health Department Director Nancy Crewe.

“We all have a part to play in the response and mitigation process of this pandemic,” Crewe continued.

The Madison County Health Department urges the residents of Madison County to have renewed diligence in taking actions that will reduce the spread of the virus and to have renewed patience with one another during these trying times.

These actions include frequent hand washing, avoiding mass gatherings, maintaining at least a 6-foot distance between yourself and others when in a public space, and wearing a mask over the mouth and nose when appropriate.

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