Berea Man Arrested Following Threatening Phone Calls Against Police to Dispatch


A Berea man was recently taken into custody and charged with terroristic threatening, harassing communications, and interfering with communications after he allegedly called dispatch seven times over the course of a day threatening police officer’s lives.

According to the complaint warrant, Jonathan Wes Sutherland of Berea allegedly began the calls around noon, saying first, “Uhh, your uh pig family is dead. I will kill you.” He later cited police brutality as the cause of his calls and threats, according to the warrant.

The rest of the transcribed calls are too expletive-laden to reproduce here, but Sutherland continued his calls, threatening dispatch and police member’s families and cursing repeatedly. At one point in between the calls, Sutherland called 911 and hung up, prompting dispatch to call back and ask if he was okay. He responded and said, “Yes, I’m okay, but the pigs are going to die. Their family is going to die.”

A warrant was electronically signed by a judge and police took Sutherland into custody and lodged him in the Madison County Detention Center. The recordings of the calls were logged as evidence at Berea Police Department.

Arrest records show that Sutherland was most recently arrested as well in January of this year, for first degree wanton endangerment and aggravated DUI, of which was his third offense.