Fire Chief: Mulch Fire Still Smoldering, Crews Remain on Scene


A mulch fire near the Allen Company along I-75 off of exit 97 has been the scene of a fire that brought nearly a dozen fire departments to fight the blaze beginning Sunday afternoon.

Fire crews remained at the site throughout the night Sunday and Monday, and as of press time Tuesday they remain with many other agencies to fight the blaze. Madison County Fire Chief Tim Gray spoke with wbontv and said that there are still active flames visible, but that they are hoping to have the smoldering pile of mulch extinguished by Tuesday night.

Madison County Fire, Richmond Fire Department, Waco Fire, Redlick fire, Union City Fire, Garrard County Fire, Lexington Fire, and Madison County EMS have all been working diligently to get the blaze extinguished. Chief Gray says they have arson investigators coming to determine the cause of the blaze, but at this time the dry and hot conditions seem to be the culprits.