Richmond Man Charged with Burglary, Unlawful Imprisonment Following Alleged Assault


Richmond Police recently took a local man into custody following reports of multiple subjects going in and out of a home, with a possible domestic violence situation ensuing. According to the citation, when officers arrived they were informed the subject, Dante Cox was armed with a handgun with his wife in the upstairs of the apartment on Merrick Drive.

Upon searching Cox and the apartment, the handgun was recovered and officers described the home having things thrown about, seemingly in a previous altercation. Glass was also allegedly observed shattered from a patio door.

In a statement to police, Cox said he and the victim fell through the patio door and that was the reasoning for it being shattered both inside and outside the apartment. The victim, according to officers, had multiple lacerations and was bleeding, and told police that she had been tackled by Cox. Following this argument, the victim said she hid in a neighboring apartment and Cox broke in with a handgun.

Two witnesses additionally told police that they saw Cox allegedly kicking her and beating her head against a window and that they were unable to get Cox off of her. The witnesses added in the citation that the back door had been broken in an apparent forced entry to the apartment.

Cox admitted to drinking, and had text the victim saying he had also taken Xanax, but denied all allegations to police. The citation continues that Cox later admitted to an altercation but said it was only verbal, and that the breaking of the patio door was an accident. He was arrested, lodged in the Madison County Detention Center, and charged with 1st Degree Burglary, 1st Degree Unlawful Imprisonment, and 4th Degree Assault for Domestic Violence.