Election 2020 Two Minute Sitdowns: KY 6th Congressional Candidate Chuck Eddy


Self-described Moderate Republican Chuck Eddy visited the studios for this edition of Election 2020 Two Minute Sitdowns, to explain his campaign goals and platform as he seeks to represent Kentucky in Washington for the 6th Congressional District.

Eddy says he retired last summer, and now has the time to try to make change for Kentuckians in the 6th District, where he says the reputation country-wide has been tarnished, and cites the legacy of the Reagan era that he believes needs to be restored.

Healthcare is a right, not a privilege according to Eddy. He says that the zipcode someone is born in should not dictate whether someone has clean water or access to healthcare. He also spoke on the ACA, saying that it had guaranteed coverage protection for pre-existing conditions.

Eddy then cited the opioid epidemic, and said that substance abuse counseling and mental health aid are crucial for those struggling with addiction.

When it comes to abortion, Eddy says that with a vote against the ACA, you are indirectly voting to increase abortions. Lastly, Eddy mentions that he does not support medicare for all.

Eddy adds that he is a pro-union and pro-education Republican, which he says is surprising to some, however says that his stances would be instrumental in order to bridge the gap across the aisle in Washington.