Election 2020 Two Minute Sitdowns: District 81 Representative Candidate Mike Eaves


In this edition of Election 2020 two minute sitdowns, Marisa Hempel spoke to Richmond native and attorney Mike Eaves, who is running on the Democratic ticket in hopes to represent Madison County in Frankfort.

Eaves details that he has been an attorney for 41 years, where he has dedicated his life to, “solving disagreements, without being disagreeable: a quality that is desperately needed in Frankfort.”

As far as education, Eaves says he is a graduate from both Eastern Kentucky University and UK law school, and came back to Madison County where he has practiced law ever since.

Eaves says his daughter running in 2018 and coming up close by a handful of votes against current incumbent Deanna Frazier was an impetus for him to throw his hat in the ring for the Democratic party to represent Madison County.

He says he is convinced that there are too many people in Frankfort that are not seeking to actively solve problems, such as in the arena of criminal justice reform. Eaves elaborates that all those that get locked up, notably for drug issues, cycle back through the system. He says that there is no effort to treat these people and instead they are continually incarcerated in an already overcrowded local jail.

Education is also of utmost importance to Eaves, and he says that education should come before hiring and employment for many, especially the younger generations who do not get many opportunities for higher education.

Civil conversation, Eaves adds, is not something he has witnessed in Frankfort in recent times, and that to solve problems he feels that his experience in the courtroom will help to remedy these pressing issues.