Election 2020 Two Minute Sitdowns: 71st District State Representative Candidate Josh Bray


In this edition of Election 2020 two minute sitdowns, Marisa Hempel interviewed Josh Bray, who is running on the Republican ticket for District 71 representing Madison, Garrard, and Rockcastle Counties.

Bray is currently the City Administrator for the City of Mount Vernon. Bray explained that in this position, he has helped secure record grant monies to make improvements to the community. Due to this work, Bray says one of his accolades is that he was selected as the the 2019 City Employee of the Year by the Kentucky League of Cities.

Bray is a 2008 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelors in Business Administration.

When it comes to his platform, Bray explained that he is 100% pro second amendment. He said that he is a proud NRA member and is unapologetic in support for citizens’ right to bear arms. The same goes for his support of pro-life legislation and movements, and Bray adds that Frankfort needs someone like him to defend the rights of the unborn.

Lastly, Bray also discussed the pension woes of the state and economic development. Bray was emphatic that he believes the State’s current pension system is a disaster. Solutions to this, Bray says, would be to continue to grow the Commonwealth’s economy, increase the tax base, and modernize the tax code as there needs to be additional revenue to account for the deficit.

As per his bio, Bray promises that, “As your legislator I will commit to fully funding the States pension obligation. Teachers, State employees, and others were promised a pension and it’s the State’s responsibility to ensure it’s there when they retire.”