Election 2020: 2 Minute Sitdown with Mike Broihier


In this edition of Election 2020 two minute sitdowns, Marisa Hempel got a chance to chat with Mike Broihier, one of the Kentucky Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate seeking to unseat Mitch McConnell.

Hailing from Wisconsin, Broihier elaborated that he graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and served in the United States Marine Corps as a Lieutenant Colonel. While serving in the military, Broihier explained he was deployed to South Korea, Somalia, and Japan, among other countries.

After serving abroad, Broihier graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with a masters degree in Systems Management.

Broihier said he then returned to Kentucky and purchased a farm in Lincoln County and worked as a reporter for the Interior Journal.

Immigration was also discussed, and Broihier says anyone wanting a life here should be welcomed instead of punished. Healthcare was another part of his platform that Broihier touched on during his interview, and praised single-payer systems such as what is implemented in Canada.

Brother is running on a campaign for the legalization of marijuana, universal basic income, and universal background checks for firearms purchases. After launching his Senate campaign in 2019, Broihier has received endorsement from former Democratic presidential hopefuls Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson.