Election 2020: 2 Minute Sitdown with Martina Jackson-Haynes


Running on a campaign to combat poverty and supporting the working class, Martina Jackson- Haynes is one of the Democratic hopefuls for District 81 of the Kentucky House of Representatives. Jackson-Haynes holds a Bachelors degree from Berea College and is currently pursuing a Masters of Public Administration with a Community Development concentration. 

In addition to her current position at Partners for Education at Berea College, Jackson-Haynes has served as a grant administrator for the Kentucky Cabinet of Justice and Safety, as well as serving as a volunteer for the NAACP. She also serves on the Berea College Alumni Executive Council and is a co-chair on the New Leaders Kentucky Council.

Jackson-Haynes elaborated on generational poverty and getting a way to get students to get the education they need, especially opportunities in higher education. She said by investing in the Pre-K system, this would be an instrumental part in accomplishing this goal.

As far as the drug epidemic, she says that treatment center expansion would crucial as she feels that there is not a sense of urgency when it comes to this issue on the statewide level as there should be.

An advocate for criminal justice reform and pension protection and working class Kentuckians, Jackson-Haynes is endorsed by Momentum Appalachia and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

Jackson-Haynes resides in Richmond with her 7-year-old son.

Additional reporting by Julia Dake.