Madison County Detention Center Addresses Confirmed COVID-19 Cases


June 12, 2020 (Richmond, KY)-On June 8, 2020, at 12pm, Jailer Steve Tussey received confirmation from the Madison County Health Department that a Detention Center employee tested positive for COVID-19. Immediately upon notification, the Detention Center contacted the Department of Corrections.

Within four (4) hours of notice, White House Clinics began testing employees and inmates at the Detention Center. At the conclusion of the testing, 296 individuals, which account for 34 employees and 262 inmates, were tested.

“Upon notification of our first positive case, we took swift action to ensure the safety of all staff and inmates by requesting immediate testing,” said Madison County Jailer Steve Tussey. “We cannot thank the team at White House Clinics enough for their willingness to partner with us in getting expedited testing at our facility.”

On June 12, 2020, at 8:30am, Madison County Detention Center received all testing back from the lab with one (1) additional individual testing positive for COVID-19. The individual is an inmate who has been in the Detention Center prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and has had no contact with anyone outside of the jail facility.

The employee that tested positive, as well as those exposed, have been quarantined for the CDC recommended 14 days and will not return to work until a secondary test is returned as negative.

The inmate that tested positive for COVID-19, as well as those exposed, will be quarantined and not released back to general population until a secondary test is returned as negative.

The Madison County Health Department is contact tracing all positive cases.  

“The Madison County Detention Center team has used the utmost caution throughout the pandemic to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our facility,” said Jailer Steve Tussey. “All employees and outside vendors entering the jail are temperature tested, wear proper PPE including face coverings, and are asked the standard CDC COVID-19 questions. In addition, inmates upon intake are temperature tested and complete CDC COVID-19 questions as well as are quarantined for 14 days before entering general population and have been using technology instead of in person visits for family and legal communication.”

Currently, the Department of Corrections suspended the transport of prisoners to other facilities.  In addition, the jail may not refuse intake of inmates simply due to a positive test in the Detention Center. For this reason, there will be no change in COVID-19 intake procedure.  Local and state law enforcement agencies have been briefed regarding intake procedures.

Since the pandemic began, the Detention Center has seen reduced numbers of inmates due to the cooperation of local law enforcement and the judicial branch.

The following is the CDC guidelines provided by Department of Corrections for correctional institutions:

Due to confidentiality requirements, no names or medical information related to COVID-19 cases will be released to the media.