Berea Holds Multiple Demonstrations, Richmond to Hold Peaceful Protest Saturday

Photo Credit: Emily LaDouceur

A lone demonstrator holding a sign reading “black lives matter” spent a majority of the day downtown in Richmond at main and Collins Monday. This was the first sign of protesting of any sort of Richmond, however there is scheduled what is described as a peaceful demonstration set for this Saturday, downtown richmond, at 6:30 pm.

The organizers ask that you march peacefully with decorated signs to show support following the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Richmond Police have also reported that they will be involved Saturday, and will support this demonstration to ensure that all stay safe.

Also last night, there was another peaceful gathering in Berea near Union church and Berea College’s campus. Demonstrators also held a candlelit vigil at the end of last night’s protest. Organizers told WBONtv that around 75 gathered in Berea, with around 50 staying until the end for the vigil. So far, the only reports of unrest was protestors getting hit by black smoke from a truck burning out downtown. Berea police report that they handled the matter.