Secretary of State Michael Adams Responds to Activists’ Lawsuit


FRANKFORT, Ky. (The Fulcrum/WBON-TV) – The state of Kentucky is now facing a lawsuit as a result of recent legislation being passed which some say makes the voting process more difficult.

The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights and the American Civil Liberties Union are among the numerous activist groups who sued Wednesday. The goal of the lawsuit is to reverse a new state law that mandates new requirements when going to the polls. Among the new requirements is the stipulation that voters must show photo identification at their designated polling place.

This law was enacted in March by the Republican-majority General Assembly during at a time when most offices that issue photo IDs were temporarily closed due to COVID-19.

Another requirement of the new law that is being challenged is that voters now have to select from an allegedly short list of excuses if they wish to place an absentee vote. Kentucky is one of only 16 states that still require people to provide an excuse in order to vote by mail.

Governor Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Michael Adams finalized a condition in April that allows everyone to vote by mail in the June 23 primary. A postcard explaining the option was scheduled to be sent out to eligible voters. This was enacted in response to the concerns brought on by the onset of the coronavirus.

Kentucky residents are also allowed to request absentee ballots online, through a secure portal.

Secretary Adams and his office released a statement yesterday expressing the following views regarding the recent lawsuit:

“Because the far left is too extreme to win elections, they regularly seek to have courts, rather than legislators, write our laws. Today, several left-wing organizations sued me in an effort to have an unelected federal judge rewrite our election laws for November. If these self-described advocates for democracy actually believed in democracy, they would let the democratic process work and let elected officials make policy. Instead, this lawsuit seeks to have lawmaking powers stripped from elected officials accountable to the people – the General Assembly, the Secretary of State and even the Governor. I will uphold my oath to our Constitution, which places the power to establish election laws with elected officials, rather than judges; just as I vigorously enforce our laws, I will vigorously defend our laws.”