2nd-Degree Robbery at Love’s Truck Stop Ends in a 3-man Arrest


On Sunday, May 24th, three suspects were arrested in connection to a 2nd degree robbery of the Love’s Truck Stop.

According to the citations of the individuals involved the employee at Love’s cooperated with officials and presented a recording he filmed while the crime was taking place. Police say that 40 year old William Taylor and 40 year old Anthony Gardener were see by Love’s staff concealing merchandise on their persons.

Following the theft according to officials the Love’s employee began following the suspects while filming them in the store. From here it’s stated that William Taylor threatened the employee, while he and his accomplice Anthony Gardener exited the store without paying for any of the items. Taylor and Gardener entered the passenger seats of an older model, silver, Dodge Dually with AAA fencing on the side pulling a utility trailer. The vehicle fled the scene and headed eastbound on Boonesboro road.

After police report contacting the business owner of AAA fencing, the truck was soon located on Brooks Road. Where the suspects were working on a residential fencing. Jeffery Clark was also on scene and was reported to be the driver that fled the scene with the suspects. Both Taylor and Gardener were seen wearing the same clothes from the incident. Police also report locating the stolen merchandise on scene and in the hands of the suspects. Upon verbal consent to search the vehicle a Dewatt case was found containing a fully loaded syringe with a narcotic inside and various used needles.

All three suspects were arrested and lodged in the Madison County Detention Center, the Company vehicle was returned to the AAA Fencing owner and all merchandise was returned to Love’s Truck Stop