KSP Provide Update on High Speed Rockcastle County Chase


Kentucky State Police troopers along with Rockcastle and Madison County authorities were involved in a high speed chase on Northbound US 25 out of Rockcastle County towards Berea. KSP began pursuit when two vehicles were recorded traveling at speeds near 180 mph on 1-75 around the Kentucky/Tennessee state line. According to police officials, these vehicles were racing along the interstate.

KSP units were unable to stop the subjects at these extraordinary rates of speed. One of the suspect vehicles was not found. The other, a white modified Dodge Charger reported stolen out of Mississippi, blew a tire after exiting I-75 for US 25 and was found on the side of the road around the Rockcastle/Madison County border.

Authorities discovered a 17 year-old juvenile female nearby and took her into custody. Numerous pistols and automatic weapons were found inside the car and in a nearby wooded area where the subject fled to. Police report also locating suspected drugs and a large amount of cash in the vehicle.

The subject is still at large and has been described as a black male who is believed to be from the Detroit area. Canine units were utilized in an attempt to find the subject who apparently has crossed waterways numerous times. There have been unconfirmed reports the subject was possibly spotted in the Conway area earlier this morning.